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Service Providers – Online Retailers

R2G has simplified the process of music licensing to Service Providers and is able to supply a wide range of licensed content to Service Providers giving them the opportunity to better monetize their services and serve their customers.

Towards A Level Playing Field

R2G actively engages with, and pressures Service Providers offering unlicensed content to take up licensing. Other licensed Service Providers can rest assured that unlicensed Providers are not allowed a frictionless path to piracy and thus diluting licensed Service Providers’ potential to monetize their content.

Easy License Clearance

R2G will consolidate complex publishing and recording rights involving multiple parties and license digital content to Service Providers with all necessary licenses cleared. SPs can easily choose licensed content from one consolidated source and save costs on multiple negotiations.
R2G is also able to deliver large numbers of Chinese content to global music services with all relevant metadata provided and licenses cleared.

Wider Choice of Content

R2G is constantly engaging and signing up new local and international labels, publishers and independent artistes whose contents will be made available to partner Service Providers both locally and internationally.

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