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Content Providers - Record Labels, Publishers & Artistes

R2G's services are aimed at promoting the consumption of legitimate digital content through a transparent licensing platform. With numerous websites and Service Providers providing music services in China, the lack of revenue accounting is one of the biggest problems with Content Providers only receiving a fraction of revenues, if any. .


Piracy Monitoring

R2G will identify instances of online copyright violation of registered content and negotiate with Service Providers and Music Services in China with the purpose of pursuing licensing deals. Take down notices and legal action are optional actions with the cooperation of Content Providers.

Maximise Actual Revenues

  • R2G has the largest digital music sales team in China which leads to better physical tracking in close proximity in the various major provinces.
  • R2G's collective bargaining power will lead to more favorable deals with Service Providers
  • R2G is then able to better track revenues and provide revenue reports to Content Providers

Simplified distribution to a wider Service Provider network

  • Easy consolidation of copyrights within R2G's database for simplified distribution to Service Providers
  • Independent artistes will be able to tap a nationwide online distribution channel with R2G - and not having to negotiate with multiple Service Providers results in savings in time and money from not having to deploy additional resources and not incurring any legal fees.
  • R2G also distributes Chinese music to global music services

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