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 MCSC & R2G Facilitate Easier Clearance of Music Rights in China

29 January 2008 — R2G

China’s appointed music rights organization, Music Copyright Society of China (MCSC) and leading digital music distributor, R2G have announced a strategic partnership which will better serve Copyright Holders seeking to license their music for distribution and Service Providers who intend to sell music in China.

With this development, publishers from all over the world who have licensed their works to collection societies with reciprocal agreements with MCSC - a member of CISAC (The International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies) - will be able to enjoy the better monetization, revenue collection and rights management systems afforded by R2G in China. At the same time, MCSC will also be jointly working with R2G to take a pro-active role in digital licensing and controlling the piracy of affiliate publishers’ works in China.

Service Providers, on the other hand will now be able to enjoy not only easy access to a large database of music rights but also a smoother, simpler license clearing process which will enable them to better focus their efforts on marketing this wider range of content.

MCSC’s General Secretary Mr. Qu Jing Ming stated, “MCSC is dedicated to protect the rights and interests of Copyright Holders. And R2G is the pioneer in digital music distribution in China. We will work closely with R2G to build a strong and viable digital music distribution model while reducing the level of digital music piracy in China”

R2G’s CEO Jun Wu reaffirmed this, “We are delighted to be a strategic partner of MCSC, the leading authority and society with its commanding industry profile representing the interests and rights of a large number of music composers and writers. We hope to continuously work with them over the next few years to establish a framework to develop and take advantage of the Chinese internet model for music distribution.”

This heralds a new stage of development in the music industry in China as it will certainly stimulate the access, distribution, consumption and improved monetization of music in China by drawing on the strengths of both R2G and MCSC.

MCSC which was founded in Dec 1992 on the initiation of the China Copyright Bureau and the China Musicians Association is the only music publishing rights administration association in China which specifically works for the benefit and protection of the interests of music composers, authors and publishers.

R2G is a leading digital music distribution company in China and already distributes the works of Universal Music Publishing (including the former BMG Music Publishing), Warner-Chappell Music and more than 50 other domestic and international labels.



R2G developed the first centralized music distribution platform in China promoting the consumption and monetization of legitimate digital content through a transparent licensing and monitoring platform and further distinguishes itself through its music domain expertise in digital music licensing and distribution, piracy monitoring and marketing services.

R2G is managed by a professional team with relevant but diverse backgrounds in technology, music, film, legal and finance who have been at the forefront of the delivery of media and entertainment in China led by its CEO Wu Jun.

R2G’s unprecedented approach in the distribution of online music in China has encouraged Content Providers to accelerate their delivery of digital content to the China market place, while R2G’s solution protects the interests of copyright owners, improve their overall commercial economics, curb the rampant digital piracy in the local market, and facilitate an efficient delivery and monetization of digital media content.

R2G provides the necessary services to catalyze, expand, and capitalize upon the digital content market by creating a platform that delivers

(Ⅰ). a simplified licensing process for clearance of music content rights to expand the online distribution channels
(Ⅱ). an effective online piracy monitoring system which will enable necessary action to reduce the level of piracy in the marketplace – R2G has successfully won 6 consecutive legal cases against infringing Service Providers including publicly-listed such as China.com.
(Ⅲ). an independent auditing and billing system to realize the true financial potential of the respective players involved
(Ⅳ). marketing services and promotion of content to benefit both Content Providers and Service Providers - and to this end, R2G has built up one of the largest Chinese music metadata databases in the world with audio fingerprint recognition capabilities.

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