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R2G wins yet another music publishing lawsuit - against Mocoo.com

7 Sep 2006 — R2G

  ( Beijing , China ) In a lawsuit brought against Mocoo.com by R 2G , the Tian He People's Court of Guangzhou found Mocoo liable for the illegal use of ringtone applications for 15 songs by popular Taiwanese singer, Jay Chou in violation of China copyright laws on 31 Aug 2006 . As a result of this successful lawsuit, Mocoo has been ordered to pay R 2G the sum of RMB 55,000 as compensation.

  This is also the fourth consecutive lawsuit that R 2G has won in recent months in the area of digital music publishing copyrights in China following the wins against China.com, Hurray.com and 9Sky. R2G has also recently taken legal action against 21CN and A8.com for their violation of China copyrights laws, and both these cases are now awaiting verdicts from the courts.

  This case will further serve to affirm R2G's commitment in promoting legal digital music content in China and as a result of this approach, R2G has now already partnered with about 70 Content Providers and 140 Service Providers.

  As of June 2005, BMG Music Publishing ( Asia ) had authorized R 2G with the exclusive music publishing distribution rights for all of Jay Chou's titles for ringtone applications in China . R 2G was also assigned the task of other support services including online piracy monitoring, promotion and marketing services.



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