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China.com fined for offering pirated ring tones online - report

21 Jun 2006 - Forbes

   SHANGHAI (XFN-ASIA) - The Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People's Court yesterday ordered China.com to pay 30,000 yuan for providing 18 pirated cell phone ring tones online, the Shanghai Daily reported.

  China.com, the first Chinese Internet firm to list on the Nasdaq, was sanctioned for offering ring tones that were shortened versions of music from pop star Jay Chou, according to the plaintiff, Beijing-based R2G, which tracks online piracy and manages licenses for music publishers.

  BMG, one of R2G's client, owns the copyright for the music.

  China.com was ordered to pay 30,000 yuan as compensation to R2G and another 20,000 yuan in court costs, the newspaper said.

  The figure is not important. It is a landmark case that tells the public what is wrong and what the punishments will be,' Wu Jun, R2G's chief executive, told the newspaper.

  At present, China has no specific laws regulating the online music industry and preventing piracy.

  The case will be applied in the future to similar cases, and it will greatly add costs for people who break the rules,' Wu said.

  R2G has also sued Shanghai-based 9Sky.com and Guangzhou-based 21cn.com for a total of more than one mln yuan for alleged IPR violations. The cases are still pending.




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