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R2G Obtains Exclusive Ringtone Distribution Rights
for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Official Song for China

28 Apr 2006 - R2G

   R2G, the company which developed the first centralized legitimate digital music distribution platform in China , announced today that it has obtained the exclusive ringtone distribution rights for China for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Official Song – “Time of Our Lives” from BMG Music Publishing. The ringtone products will be released on May 12 th , the same day as the Official Song's release as part of the Official Album “Voices”. This announcement means that the legitimate World Cup Official Song ringtone will potentially reach millions of Chinese football fans' mobile phones especially as China currently has the world's largest mobile phone user base with almost 400 million users - combined with a huge Chinese passion for football.

The Official Song, “Time of Our Lives” is written by the legendary Swedish songwriter Jörgen Elofsson who has also written hit songs for Britney Spears, Westlife, Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson and Bryan Adams amongst others featured on albums whose global sales collectively exceed 100 million.

It is recorded by one of the biggest selling groups in the world, Il Divo and will be performed live by them at the opening of the World Cup opening ceremony on June 9, 2006 .

As the leading legitimate digital content distribution platform, R2G will exclusively distribute the high quality ringtone of this Official Song to a great number of Chinese Service Providers who in turn with their promotional and retail efforts will increase the affinity between Chinese mobile phone users and the 2006 FIFA World Cup. At the same time, R2G will maintain the integrity of the FIFA World Cup Official Song's ringtone product in the market by utilization of its proprietary Piracy Monitoring system wherein all instances of unlicensed distribution will be monitored and uncovered in detail for follow-up action.

As part of a broader influence of the World Cup, the Official Song ringtone will work alongside the other traditional components like the logo and the mascot to form a memorable complement to the exciting matches ahead for the fans.

Scarlett Li , President of R2G stated, “R2G is aiming to promote the consumption of legitimate digital content in China, and we are committed to get Service Providers to experience the power of legitimate digital music works by distributing and maintaining great products to the market. As the No. 1 sports event in the world, the FIFA World Cup is very influential everywhere, and we are confident that we will further create more emotional links between the World Cup and Chinese fans via the ringtone.”

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