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R2Gsues Hurray!,China.com,two others for music copyright violations

1 Nov 2005 - INTERFAX-CHINA. Shanghai


  R 2 G , a digital music licensing and monitoring platform operator in China , filed lawsuits against Hurray, China.com, Shenzhen Any8 Limited, and Auchuang Technology on charges thatmobile ringtone services offered by these companies violated music copyrights.

  "We have already obtained enough evidence to prove their violations of music copyrights," Sharon You, PR Supervisor for R 2G , told Interfax Tuesday. "In fact, we have tried our best to negotiate with these companies by offering them various cooperative business plans, but none of them have made any responses."

  R 2 G accuses the four companies of having used between 100 and 200 songs belonging to BMG and Universal Music as ring tones and CRBTs (Colorful Ring Back Tones) without authorizations from R 2G , which manages the copyrights for these songs in Mainland China .

  "The lawsuit that we will launch can protect not only our copyright but also the right of leading music producers," You said. "We are looking forward to reaching cooperative agreements with these companies through our lawsuit." However, the mobile services providers being sued by R 2G said they wereconfident that they would be able to win their court cases.

  "It is quite meaningless for R 2G to launch such a lawsuit because our company always made an effort to ensure the validity of our digital content," Hurray! Spokesperson Du Hua said.

  R 2 G also has filed lawsuits against two other mobile service providers, 9Sky. com and 21CN.com, in July this year. "9Sky.com is now seeking an out of court settlement with us," You said. R 2G has signed contracts with more than 80 Chinese SPs to cooperate in distribution of licensed music content.



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