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R2G: China’s First Online Music Distribution Platform to Rein in Piracy
19 Apr 2005

Beijing - R2G, China’s first centralized music distribution platform which aims to promote the consumption and distribution of legitimate digital content, has been selected by Universal Music Publishing as a partner to help protect their intellectual property rights and enhance legitimate distribution. R2G’s services will help curb the rampant online piracy in the local market, thereby allowing for more content to be released, consumed and monetized through R2G’s transparent licensing platform. Universal Music Publishing is the first of the major music labels to adopt the R2G platform.

With this deal, Universal Music Publishing will register its selected catalog with R2G to be monitored for piracy, allowing Universal to take precise legal action against incidences of intellectual property infringement with an unprecedented level of detail never experienced before in China. In addition, R2G will provide Universal reliable sales data through its proprietary license accounting modules to be able to identify market trends and consumers tastes.

“We are excited to work with R2G to address the problem of piracy in China. R2G presents one of the first real solutions in China that can enable a comprehensive legitimate digital music marketplace. By providing the data we need, we can provide more content from our music library for consumers to enjoy, yet our writers and publishers are able to receive true and accurate royalty collections,” said Mr Tony Yapp, Regional Director of Universal Music Publishing."

R2G has also received the endorsement of various government bodies including the Copyright Society of China and the Copyright Protection Center of China (CPCC). Both these organizations have stated that providing concrete protection for copyright owners and addressing online piracy problem is not only relevant to regulate domestic marketplace, it also enhances China’s global status on protection of intellectual property.

Jun Wu, CEO and co-founder of R2G commented “There is a great demand by Chinese consumers for digital content with the growth of the Internet and broadband. The marketing and distribution of digital music content has become the one of the most important revenue sources and the main development focus of the music labels. We are thankful to Universal Music Publishing Asia, the Copyright Society of China and the Copyright Protection Center for sharing in our vision. We look forward to working with other music labels and service providers to realize the full potential of the Internet and provide the most diverse and highest quality digital content to Chinese consumers.”

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