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About R2G

R2G is the leading music distribution service provider with licensing deals across most of the major Service Providers in China combined with rights from both local and international Content Providers. R2G is also one of the largest distributors of Chinese music to global music services like iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

As a first mover in the market, R2G has strived to build a legitimate music ecosystem in China and further distinguishes itself through its music domain expertise in digital music licensing and distribution, piracy monitoring and marketing services.

R2G is managed by a team with relevant but diverse backgrounds in technology, music, film, legal and finance who have been at the forefront of the delivery of media and entertainment in China led by its CEO Wu Jun. The other senior members of the management team are Ivy Wang and Mathew Daniel who have extensive experience in China’s music, video and advertising industries. With a stable management team leading the company over 8 years, the company has amassed a body of experience in all areas of music licensing, accounting and music content management that is unmatched in the industry in China.

R2G provides Content Providers the opportunity to distribute their music in China and also to global music services and at the same time, Service Providers are able to obtain a large body of copyrighted works in a convenient manner. R2G then facilitates the distribution of royalties to labels and artists in a timely manner.
R2G provides the necessary services to catalyze, expand, and capitalize upon the digital content market by creating a platform that delivers

. a simplified licensing process for clearance of music content rights to expand the online distribution channels

. an effective online piracy monitoring system which will enable necessary action to reduce the level of piracy in the marketplace by seeking out licensing opportunities –

. an independent auditing and billing system to realize the true financial potential of the respective players involved

. marketing services and promotion of content to benefit both Content Providers and Service Providers and also the development of the largest Chinese music metadata database in the world.

R2G also has a close working relationship with the Copyright Protection Center of China (CPCC), the national copyright administration and service organization under the direct leadership of the General Administration of Press and Publication of China and National Copyright Administration of China.

For more information about R2G, please also check our Frequently Asked Questions page

For any further enquiries, please email us as follows:
Corporate - r2g_press#r2g.net
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Investor Relations - r2g_investors#r2g.net
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